For Every Child

For Every Child

By Sana Mouasher
Children’s Music

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24 Songs, 56 Minutes


For every Child, the album is a collection of 12 children’s songs in Arabic. The album includes popular songs such as The Four Seasons, Months of the Year, Days of the Week and Fou Fou The Elephant. The album is cheerful, vocabulary-rich, informative, and suitable for children of all ages. The songs also lend themselves well to educational use and are easily adaptable for school curricula, music classes, and special events.

1 Because I Am Special
2 Because I Am Special (Insturmental)
3 Days of the Week
4 Days of the Week (Insturmental)
5 For Every Child
6 For Every Child (Insturmental)
7 Fou Fou the Elephant
8 Fou Fou the Elephant (Insturmental)
9 Graduation Day
10 Graduation Day (Insturmental)
11 I’m Traveling
12 I’m Traveling (Insturmental)
13 Months of the Year
14 Months of the Year (Insturmental)
15 The Farmer’s Big Dream
16 The Farmer’s Big Dream (Insturmental)
17 The Four Seasons
18 The Four Seasons (Insturmental)
19 The Grocer
20 The Grocer (Insturmental)
21 The Music Band
22 The Music Band (Insturmental)
23 We the Fish
24 We the Fish (Insturmental)

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